When Edward L. Cohen was just a young man of 18 on his way home from a date one night in Camden, New Jersey, he made a discovery that would forever change his life. His bus driver had a sagging bow tie. To most this may not matter, but to Ed it did. He was committed to finding a solution for the disheveled look of this bus driver. The following day, Ed unveiled his very first breakthrough invention: The Clip-On Bow Tie.

When wondering what to do with all the belts that had no home in his closet, Ed used his mastery skills as a sheet metal worker and his creative mind to come up with a giant key ring-like device that would serve his purpose. It had two plastic tips that allowed you to sneak a belt off without disturbing the rest. Another successful invention: The Handee Belt Ring. This became the start of Edwards Creative Products, founded in 1955.

The basement of his Cherry Hill home became center stage for his household inventions. Products were flying out faster than one could, well, tie a bow tie.  His neighbors and friends were being spoiled with things like: The Rear Viewer—awkward looking glasses with painted-on eyes that had mirrors on the inside, allowing you to doll up the back of your hair, hands free. Or his Famous Body Slimmer which is a “total body workout” needing only a doorknob. He soon had to move out of the basement to a new factory nearby.

You had a problem.  Ed had a solution.  Dirty dentures? Ed invented Fab-U-Dent, the first ever denture cleaner. Sloppy soap dish?  The No-Goo-Soap Tray.

Edward L Cohen, aka The Clairvoyant of Cherry Hill, made his mark when he invented his grand-daddy of all products—The Original Magic Wand, first known as Kollar Kleen.  The solid stick spot and stain remover that would be the hallmark of his business—the first of its kind.

Ed was on the front page of Diabetes Forecast. He had a feature article written about him in the Sun-Sentinel and also gained the interest of The Daily Show on Comedy Central who interviewed Ed on his life as an inventor (and made fun of some of his crazier inventions, which you can still purchase on our site in their original packaging).

The Original Magic Wand and Bleach Stick, are the primary fabric care cleaning products coming out of ECP today, which his son Chuck has been running since 1970, as well as his grandson Matthew since 1995—a true family business. Sadly, Edward passed away in 2006, but his innovation will always be the heart of this company. ECP strives to maintain high quality products that have brought us a large following of loyal customers.